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If you are interested in any of our services please email us on or call us on +44(0)20 3627 0825.

Welcome to J B Daniels Accounting Services
We are your Partners in Business: We take away those accounting activities that you do not enjoy doing, but are necessary to keep your business at the top, leaving you enough time to focus on those things you like and do best, running your business with ease. Your success is our objective.
Our Services include
Bookkeeping: Working with you to ensure that your daily transactions are accurately recorded and reconciled
Corporation Tax: Calculating and submitting your tax returns
CIS: For Construction Workers -calculating and submitting your CIS
Payroll Services: Working on your payroll, removing the hassle of weekly or monthly PAYE and Self Employed payroll calculations
Credit Control Services: We also offer very pro-active Credit Control service, helping minimise your baddebt, visit us at
Your Success is our Objective:
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